why should I use a travel consultant?


the average 7 day vacation takes travelers roughly 35 hours to research and confirm. Travel consultants are experts at planning travel and can save you incredible amounts of time (and headache) by cutting out the noise from searching the internet with the masses.



there are literally countless choices of how you can spend your time and money while you are traveling. If you don't do this all day every day the way we do, it's impossible to know what's what. We have cultivated partnerships around the globe to provide you with the best of service, benefits and value.


perks + service

our global partnerships allow you to be treated and welcomed as a valuable guest, not just an internet transaction. When you book with a travel consultant, you are an extension of the partnerships we have cultivated. Not only will you experience superior service, you will receive added perks that can include:


tailor-made and crafted just for you

we believe travel is a human experience. You are more than an algorithm and we know that the most memorable journeys are crafted with only you in mind. We get to know you and what makes you tick, because everyone is different and no two journeys should be the same.



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