For more on this information provided above visit:   ,   ,   ,     *hotel rates and availability subject to change

For more on this information provided above visit:,,,

*hotel rates and availability subject to change


explore more or stop-over

Iceland has a lot to offer - you can experience the country for a week or longer if you have the interest, time and budget. But it’s also a great place for a stopover for a long weekend, especially on your way to a European vacation. Many east coasters go for a long weekend to get their Iceland fix!


Most of the US population now exists in urban cities and experiencing true nature is not as easy or frequent as we would like it to be in our lives. Iceland is the perfect nature escape! And not only is the natural landscape of Iceland abundant it’s incredibly beautiful, unique and diverse - oh and super instagramable!


Icelandic music is possibly the most internationally recognized of its cultural offerings (and if you like music festivals it’s a must), but if you are an adventurous foodie or someone who enjoys exploring art, Iceland can be fulfill your cultural travel needs.


The name is a little deceptive. Although the weather can change without notice, it’s not unbearably cold like you might think. It’s actually quite moderate in terms of temperature all things considered.

The Icelandic landscape is one of variety and contrast, offering incredible vistas. There are glaciers and volcanoes, waterfalls and fjords, hot springs and lava fields. From the rugged cliffs of the Westfjörds to the black sand deserts of the Highlands, this combination of landscape features is definitely one of a kind.
— Culture Trip


IT’s winning the travel POpularity CONtest

It’s a very popular destination for Americans so if you are trying to get away from your fellow country men, you might want to look for another destination!

In general, it’s become pretty touristy, which means lots of crowds and a boom in development - meaning lots of construction.

KEEP your expectations in check

It’s expensive! Most everything is imported so a hamburger can cost you $30!

The weather is ridiculously unpredictable so it’s best to just go in knowing that you might not get the greatest weather, or be able to see those Northern Lights you have always wanted to check off your bucket list.

embrace your inner planner

There is limited day light (except for in the summer) so you really need to plan your travel there accordingly to see what you want to see.

And because it’s a pretty spread out country, you will spend a decent amount of time in the car. Speaking of which, public bathrooms are sparse (and have a cost) so try to plan your before you hit the road.

The thermal Pools

You need to book the famous blue lagoon in advance!

The water is not good for your hair, so be sure to lather up on the conditioner that the Blue Lagoon provides, or do some research to bring something similar for other pools if conditioner is not provided.

*some great resources we used to compile this information along with our own experience include: Culture Trip, Insider

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